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Next RMBRAG meeting
RMBRAG Committee Meeting

When:  Wednesday 8th March 2017

Location: Boating Industry Association House - 6 Mary Street, Hindmarsh, Adelaide SA 5000

Time: 2:00pm

All Welcome. Please send any ideas or Expressions of Interest in the...

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Welcome to River Murray Boating and Recreational Advisory Group

Our Scope and Vision

The ‘River Murray Boating and Recreational Advisory Group’ RMBRAG is a community based group established to develop strategies which enhance the experience of river users and manage the impact of the river users on the environment and other users.

These strategies will be developed with the intention of producing content that is aimed at stewardship of the riverine environment, educating all users of the river, determining the impact of each activity on the riverine environment and others and changing behaviors so that all appropriate activities can be enjoyed safely.

To achieve this vision the group will

  • Follow a fair and equitable community engagement and consultation process
  • Draw on support from local and state government.
  • Establish a structure that ensures balanced representation
  • Seek representation from all identified interest groups
  • Establish strategies and implementation plans to effect initiatives
  • Develop recommendations to government
  • Work closely with government to effect the plans and recommendations
  • Encourage the user groups to take responsibility for the development solutions to resolve identified issues.

Our Strategies

  • To develop a code of conduct for the diverse and varied activities that are undertaken on the river and its immediate environment.
  • To develop a communications and education plan that effectively connects with the range of demographics and generations who use the river.
  • To provide solutions and recommendations to government for implementation and seek support financially and in kind.

Identified issues

  • Noise from boat motors
  • Noise from speakers on boats
  • Wash from boats
  • Behaviours of boat drivers
  • Houseboats operation and noise
  • Erosion and damage from wash
  • Lack of consideration of other users
  • Lack of understanding of the impact on others
  • Sensitive and fragile zone management.
  • DPTI and transport safety liaison
  • Local government commitment and integration